Fierce Power through Spirituality – Part 2

By | January 3, 2013

Artemis-artemis-greek-goddessI invite you to read Fierce Power through Spirituality – Part 1 before or after reading this article. In hindsight, Part 1 should have been Part 2 and vice versa, as Part 1 is a bit more conclusive to the point of making your choice to gain Fierceness through Spirituality. I hope you enjoy the articles – Blessings – Joleen

When I was a little girl, I was really little. My teachers used to say they had 23 ½ kids in the class (with me being the ½). I was the youngest sibling with a sister 7 years my senior. So, there was a pretty big disparity of common interests between myself and my sister. For those that can relate to being the youngest sibling, you can understand that I always felt inferior to my older sibling. She was older, smarter, cuter, had more friends, cooler clothes and many more privileges. This was my view anyway. My parents never intended for me to feel “smaller” than my sister, but any kind of praise she got, was to me, another reason for me to believe they preferred her over me and that I would have a hard time living up to her achievements. Overall, growing up, I felt that in order to get the attention I wanted, I had do it by making some pretty destructive choices. I got their attention, but I sure didn’t end up feeling any bigger or better.

As a young adult, due to my perceptions about having to overcompensate for being “small” and holding up the flag of honor for being the black sheep of my family, I equated strength and power with aggressiveness, abrasiveness, sarcasm, and indifference. This was the way I spend most of my adult life – the squeaky wheel gets oiled and you gotta be a match if you want to start a r-WOMAN-LEADER-large570fire. Little did I know then, that my “power” was very much like a fire – I could certainly blaze a path to get what I felt I wanted, but when the fire burns out, there is nothing left but ashes. See the things about fires is that they constantly require fuel to keep going, and my fuel were thoughts of inequality, unfairness, victimization, unworthiness, shame and guilt. I felt strongly that if you want to survive, you have to be strong. What I could not display in physical strength, I would compensate with mental and intellectual strength. Although I have no regrets now, for my path is what has made me what I am, little did I know that strength defined as an outward manifestation of negative energy is an invitation for a life full of the same.

dragon slayerWe all have our stories, and the point of sharing some of mine is that these stories form the basis for how we begin to view the world. Is it a tough world where we have to fight and struggle to make ourselves known, or is it a cakewalk where everything falls in front of us like Skittles from the sky? We know these types of people too – the ones that seem to have “luck” on their side, waltzing through life like it was designed just for them.

The difference between these two views is really quite simple. One sees the world as a foe and one sees the world as a friend. Taken a step further, one sees the Universe, God, or whatever word you attach to spiritual cause, as judgmental, separate, and an entity that is difficult to connect to, and the other type of view sees the same Universe as cooperative, benevolent, and feeling that you are totally included as a part of everything. Some feel that the world we live in is lacking the things that we need, and that we must struggle and grasp for them in order to survive. Others feel that the world is constantly handing us the things that we need and that every moment is filled with some type of blessing. So how do we get from one viewpoint to the other?

rumi  pathed in lightSpiritual Might! Gandhi calls it our Soul Force. It’s like this – when you shine a light into a dark room, the room is illuminated, whereas you cannot extinguish a light by including darkness, unless you totally walk away from it. You have that light within you, metaphorically and quite literally biologically. We bring this light forth by using spiritual power tools, which can include anything from quieting the mind, meditating, praying, or any type of intention towards enlightenment. There is no past too dark, or no deed to dastardly that cannot be washed away in the light of pure love and forgiveness. The actions that come from a Higher Self bathed in awakened consciousness is an action of illuminating divine growth and pure energy.

capturing lighteningI challenge everyone to consider that the life you live today as a construct of a mind that has convinced itself it is less than or smaller than others in some way, or insignificant in a big world. This notion is the furthest thing from the truth of your very being. The steps you take to discover this new truth are the steps you choose to take to regain your spiritual power. Some steps will be light and easy, and others will seem heavy and difficult, but every step will be significant and empowering.

When we intend to climb a mountain, no matter how high and far away it may seem, our intention to begin is the BIGGEST, most powerful step we can take. On the climb, we may be tempted to give up and turn around. Sometimes where we started below seems safer, but it’s not really, it’s just known. But if goddess mightwe keep on, through the challenges, when we reach the top, we look down and we see how steep our climb was and we feel the power and the might of our journey. Our heart, mind, spirit, and our bodies hum with joy and divine energy. We look down and see the challenges we faced from above and they look so small from here, so insignificant after all. But wait! Is this our final destination? It feels glorious and freeing and powerful, but we see there are more mountains to climb. What is our choice?

And this is how it goes; each challenge mountain is another opportunity to live our lives with a spiritual power and exuberancy that we never thought possible. When we have this kind of power within us (which we all do), and we are aware of it, there is very little that cannot be done. I am reminded of one of my favorite teachings of Jesus, when he said, “If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.”

finding lightA mustard seed! Do you know how tiny that is? And further, Jesus tells us that NOTHING shall be impossible to us. It simply does not get any more powerful than that. But the action, power, and energy comes from our spiritual might, just like a tiny mustard seed of intention towards our greater purpose; that turns any mountain into a molehill and every moment into an opportunity for bliss, joy, peace, happiness, and abundance.

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