How to Feel More and More Like an Infinite Being!

By | June 6, 2013

portal to infinityInfinity is a hard concept to grasp when we live in a world that seems limited in so many ways. The messages we are accustomed to getting are all related to “not enough”. It seems that time, aging, resources, and energy are holding us down and binding us in so many ways. But these limiting concepts are just as intangible as other concepts we normally associate with pseudo-reality, like infinity, divineness, or abundance. There is simply no substance behind any of these concepts except for the substance that we assign to them. Time, infinity, energy, potential, limits, or abundance – these are all simply man-made concepts and all can either be proved or disproved by our own personal experiences.

time running outWe make concepts such as time, energy, and resources substantial with our beliefs and our adherence to our limited views of them. Unfortunately we do not afford the same kind of belief and care to the concepts of infinity, or unlimited abundance. Yet, the more we do include the believability of these latter concepts, the more substantial and tangible they become to us. It appears that the concepts we give the most attention to become the ones that give attention back to us. Most of us can demonstrate the reality of this reciprocal principle by deeply reviewing our thoughts and beliefs to what we experience in our lives most of the time.

The Obviousness of Infinity

There are a couple of pretty obvious things that demonstrate our capacity towards infinity every day, but we unconsciously chose to not recognize these aspects of ourselves. The first and most obvious one is the Universe and understanding that we are an extension of this Universe. To me, the Universe and everything it represents, is a metaphor for our infinity. The third eye and the universeUniverse just keeps replenishing, renewing, and reinventing itself, even though it is constantly challenged with concepts that it can’t. And, we are participatory in this Universal renewing – by our very breath, the Universe gives life to us and we give life to the Universe. Despite the advances we have made scientifically, there will never be a time when we can say we have discovered it all. There is simply no limit to the possibilities of what the Universe is, and what the Universe has in store for us. Look up at the sky at night and think bigger, much bigger. Imagine going on and on and on. Where does it stop? It doesn’t – there is no end.

yogen universeThe second, less obvious thing that demonstrates our capacity towards infinity is us! Our most astonishing infinite quality is the Mind (which includes both the thinking mind and the more mysterious and elusive Divine Mind within us). You may think your thoughts are limited, but they’re not. You may not want to take the time to do this, but if you did, you can do an exercise where you dedicate 10 minutes of time and see if you can run out of thoughts to think of in that amount of time. It can’t be done. No matter how much time you give yourself, you simply cannot run out of thoughts/ideas/imaginations/dreams. Just when you think you’re done, more pop into your head. You can try and force yourself not to think and thereby conclude you have run out of thoughts, but your will not win that battle for more than a few seconds at best. The mind, especially the mind that is consciously cooperating with a higher Mind within, can simply not run out of thoughts. Like the endless sky at night and the infinite stars in the sky, the mind has no limit to its capacity to think new thoughts.

To see the world in a grain of sand, and to see heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hands, and eternity in an hour.

William Blake

Our thoughts are not limited to what we have learned. We know this because we get dreams, ideas, or epiphanies that are outside the bounds of what we have been taught or conditioned to in our lives. This is the way imagination works, by reaching deeper to a higher wisdom that comes from an Infinite Source we are tapped into. Nobody knows how this works.

universe is in hereThese higher visions and ideals are still scientifically unexplained as to “where” they come from, although some scientists believe they understand how they are stored or manifest themselves through the thinking mind. How do you think Galileo came to his conclusions, or Einstein, or Steve Jobs? People every day, from all walks of life have unboundless ideas of potential. The reason they capitalize on them and others do not is because they are not hindered by the concept of limited thinking or a “fixed” Universe and Mind.

Can we know the limits of our powerful nature?

How could we ever consider ourselves limited when we have within our power this kind of infinite ability? The secret to you feeling more and more like an infinite being is realizing your infinite nature, and recognizing, celebrating this potential. Potential, which means “capable of being”, frees us to find countless opportunities to experience and live without limits in our lives. The more we respond to this infinite quality in us, the more we experience it.

When we begin to see the unlimited possibilities for solutions to every problem then we actually begin to experience that feeling of spaciousness that is infinity itself. Connect with the Universe and the Universal Principles of boundless energy, intuition, and thinking. Every day, allow yourself to “feel” the potential of what the day may hold for you. The reason our days connecting to the universebegin to seem monotonous and routine is because we do not allow ourselves to explore this glorious boundlessness. Uncertainty can seem fearful and safer – but when you know that you are operating within a model of constant renewal and abundance, that fear can turn into wonder and excitement about what is next!

If you allow yourself to consider the Universe’s ever expanding potential, and your own individual potential in a completely new paradigm, which is that you are infinite, your thoughts are infinite, and your potential is infinite – your life begins to shift from limited and fairly predictable to new and freshly stimulating. This level of deep contemplation is best done by getting very still and embracing the enormity of spaciousness all around you, all the time. Go outside and do this work for an extra boost of inspiration. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see your infinite place in the Universe and the potential in your own life as growing, expanding, and always infinite. Just hang on to a star for awhile and enjoy the ride.




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David Akech on March 1, 2014 at 11:15 pm.

I have always known and believed that we are infinite beings, how could we not be. We were all born into our planet earth. The earth is in and is part of the universe and so are we. The universe whether we know it or not is in us and is more than us. The whole is greater than its part yet it contains all the attributes of the whole. The universe is a spiritual system, there is order that is mind boggling, Nothing is left to random chance in the universe, nothing its way too orderly and on such a vast and infinite scale that its ridiculous to imagine such could be by random chance.
In reality there are no limits other than the limits we set on our selves or placed upon us by parents, society and learning institutions. Yet the universe has its very own institution of learning, I call it knowledge of infinity. Infinity cannot be two or divided it is one. I love this universe it all depends on my understanding and relationship with the universe. The universe is alive and active. Everything about us is universal. Can we accept this reality we would demonstrate it in our daily lives. We are spiritual universal infinite beings but our physical bodies are on this earthly plane yet intertwined and still in the universe. We have viewed our bodies as a limitation when it should not. WE ARE NOT OUR BODIES WE SHOULD KNOW AND COME TO UNDERSTAND THIS, WE ARE UNIVERSAL INFINITE SPIRITUAL BEINGS WITH A BODILY EXPERIENCE WHICH IS TEMPORARY. It need not be a hindrance at all it should be celebrated for the universe makes no mistakes for the body has and does serve its purpose. Our bodies are just machines but the THINKER IS NOT A BODY BUT A SPIRIT BEING. OUR THOUGHTS ARE THE CAUSE OF THINGS OUR THOUGHTS SPIRITUAL WHETHER WE ACCEPT IT OR NOT. ALL THINGS COME FROM THE ENERGY OF THOUGHT ALL THINGS, NAME IT. IDEAS ARE SPIRITUAL THEN THEY ARE GIVEN FORM THEN MANIFESTED. THOUGHTS ARE INFINITELY POWERFUL THE THINKER IS EVEN MORE POWERFUL FOR HE IS SPIRIT. WE NEED NOT FEAR LIFE WE FEAR CAUSE WE DON’T KNOW. BUT WE KNOW THAT WE ARE LIFE OF A VASTER INFINITE UNIVERSAL LIFE. WE CAN NEVER CEASE TO BE AS THE UNIVERSE CAN NEVER CEASE TO BE. TAKE HEART EXPRESS YOUR UNIVERSALITY APPRECIATE YOUR INFINITE ABILITY ACCEPT IT AND DEMONSTRATE IT.


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