Living in the Field of Possibilities

By | August 31, 2012

field of possibilitiesEvery once in awhile, we get an inspiring idea, intuitive insight, or a poignant moment of compassion, and wonder where this information may have come from. Most times, people don’t question these occurrences, but they sure do appreciate them. Many feel that these amazing experiences might be a combination of chemicals, proteins, and hormones that combined, causes the brain to produce certain feelings or emotions, even though scientifically, how this happens is still unclear. Believing in this scientific way may explain why amazing insights and mystical experiences happens to some people more than it does for others. Because surely, if you limit your potential to the physical body, the opportunities to experience expanded consciousness will dramatically decrease.

Ancient wisdom teachings from many world traditions teach us that man has available to him/her, both individual and collective unlimited consciousness. This means that we, as a single thread in the divine tapestry, always have the magnificent potential to live within and express this consciousness. And then, these ancient teachings go on to show us the many, many ways we can go about discovering this extraordinary potential for ourselves.

The human being has been blessed with many amazing gifts. If you stop to contemplate, even for a moment, the grandeur of our cosmos, universe, planet, bodies and minds, it is hard to confine all that majesty within a scientific theory. Our world is constantly expanding, both metaphorically and physically. Just when we think we have something figured out, we learn something new and our world, including our personal world, changes.  Perhaps if we break down the elements of the field of potential consciousness and how we view the world, we might gain understanding about why some of us believe in the unlimited potential of man and some of us believe that all that we are or could possibly be, is contained within the confines of our mind and body.

The field of potential in consciousness can be thought of in 4 distinct ways. Based on where you place your attention to these 4 elements and how deeply we are willing to explore them, will be the direction our life experiences will go. The 4 elements of consciousness are belief, experience, consciousness itself, and choice.

When we honor ourselves to spend some time thinking about our own consciousness and the consciousness of the Universe, we give ourselves the gift of living our lives in the most authentic manner. Yes, the beliefs will still be varied and diverse. However, with deep understanding we may begin see that beliefs can change, and that ultimately we do live in a field of possibilities.

“Life is a field of unlimited possibilities.” -Deepak Chopra


Belief is the conviction of our thoughts and our actions. Our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviors will ALWAYS be a reflection of our beliefs. Belief is a human (or brain) function, although our belief can be influenced by a spiritual experience. Beliefs can be thought of as the building blocks of the human identity, which may also be called the ego. Some people believe that because they believe in things considered “good” or “worthy”, that they have figured it out, and that they now understand all there is to know about life. But this, unfortunately, is just another belief. No matter what you believe, in order to experience the unlimited potential that is available, you must understand that belief is just a construct of your experiences and ideas and that are always changeable based on new experiences or new information.

everything is possibleTry a subtle experiment about this idea. Spend about 10 minutes visualizing in your mind the stripping away of one of your beliefs after another. Consider all the things you think about daily. Include your beliefs in religion, politics, society, parenting, relationships, and about yourself, including your body, and personality. If you are performing this exercise to its fullest extent, what you will find after stripping away every belief that you have, is that nothing is left! And, everything is new and possible.

Belief is our segway into our experience and vice versa. When we believe something to be true, we will see our world from that belief paradigm. I challenge you to consider your beliefs deeply because many of us get into trouble by projecting a belief to be true, when truly deep down, we don’t really believe it. Consequently, our experiences don’t match up with our truths. Spending some time contemplating your beliefs and your experiences will open doors of potential in your life.


Experience is usually the result of our beliefs. But in a universe of unlimited potential, every once in awhile (or more often if we are open to it), we will be given a gift of possibility in our experience. Perhaps this comes as an unexpected moment of awe and wonder, or a wave of love. We may even have experiences of deep despair or grief. Even within these moments there is something to be gained.

For these are the building blocks of our beliefs. When we embrace our experiences, regardless of how we have labeled them at the time, this opens the doors to perception of our beliefs. To resist or deny our experiences is to deny ourselves life at all. For it is within our experiences that we get the information we need to move forward in our lives and understand who we truly are.

Take some time to review how your experiences in life reflect them back to the contents of your beliefs. If things seem off kilter to what you believe, consider your beliefs deeply.


At any certain point in time, the physical world as we know it seems absolute. Many accept this absolute view of the world, because they feel that if something can’t be measured or proven empirically, then it cannot exist. Of course there are many things that cannot be explained in an absolute world. For example, coincidence, synchronicity, deep abiding love, sixth sense, healing, revelations, intuition, to name a few. I’m not sure how scientists explain away these experiences, but evidence of them actually occurring can certainly be documented. Going back to our belief systems, we can either see consciousness as only what is available in our heads today, or we can expand our view of consciousness to include all that ever was and all that ever could be.

The concept of an unlimited consciousness assumes a connection to a Source much larger than the physical world. Having a belief in an unlimited consciousness means that, regardless of what our current life experiences have been so far, that there is always the potential of experiencing something outside of our current condition. A prime example of this type of open belief system is the millions of documented cases of immediate, or near immediate healings. Some of these healings are so phenomenal (meaning they defy scientific explanation), that even the most logical and scientific person might have to admit the possibility of a Universal Law that includes unlimited consciousness.

Ultimately, our consciousness is what ties the entire thing together for us because it lies not only within you but outside of you too (infinitely). Our consciousness is what provides the opportunity to continue to expand our beliefs and thereby expanding our experience, or it confirms the notion that we are limited to what we can physically cram into our heads or our bodies.


As a part of the thinking process, each of us has the capability to reason and thereby to make choices in what we are thinking. The result of these choices will ultimately end up being the fabric of our belief system. Considering the source and capability of choice is another topic for another day, because the topic is so enormous and thought-provoking. But for now, let’s just say that the ability to choose, and the ability to recognize our own consciousness is what distinguishes us from other life forms on our planet. This is an amazing gift!

You might have surmised from this article that one choice I have made is to wholeheartedly believe that I have unlimited potential that emanates from within me and makes me a fundamental part of a Universal Source and Creator. Others do not share this belief and I have respect for that belief too. But ironically, to me, the fact that others do have different and contrary beliefs kind of validates my point (at least that is the way I see it from my experiences).

Each of us has the capability to choose what we want to believe and expand those beliefs, which then expands our experiences. I invite you to experiment with the power of your choice to see how choosing our thoughts and beliefs carefully and mindfully can have an effect in our lives.


Dear Fellow Life Travelers – When we consider the matrix of our life, not just what we do in our jobs, in our homes and how we portray ourselves to others, but our true authentic wholeness, and the stunning potential we posses, can we help but be amazed? My intention in presenting these ideas to you today is to open your thoughts and ideas about this. To encourage you to take some time to reflect and review your beliefs and your experiences and see how they match up. To allow ourselves to dream of a much bigger perspective of our ourselves and our universe. To touch the fabric of pure individual and universal potential, and to make our choices from authentic beliefs and conscious considerations. To expand our experiences and our wisdom to live within a field of possibilities provides us the chance to  make our lives richer, meaningful and blissfully fulfilling.

For further consideration and enjoyment of this topic, please feel free to watch this inspiring and beautiful video that enforces the ideas shared in this article. 




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