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By | October 8, 2013

Choices and IllusionsI am pleased to have been asked to participate in one of my favorite authors new book launches, the Revised Edition of the bestselling book, Choices and Illusions, by Eldon Taylor. I have been a fan of Taylor’s for several years and had just coincidentally finished reading his book Mind Programming, which is an illuminating book about the power of subliminal programming, when I was asked to be included in this project. Taylor’s First Edition of Choices and Illusions was written in 2007 and since that time, he has written several books on related topics. This new edition of Choices and Illusions is not only updated for relevance today, but has been expanded to include additional insights and research on the study of the human thought process.

So, now let me tie in why I loved this new book and how this book recommendation is going to help me re-articulate one of the main messages I try to get across with my own writing. By sharing my recommendations for Choices and Illusions, and sharing some of the powerful messages in this book, I get yet another chance to shout out about one of my main blog messages from a new perspective.

So, here is the message:

Life is a representation and a reflection of the choices that we make.

As obvious as this statement is, from a logical and analytical perspective, the practical application of living from this principle gets a little confusing. It begs the question: What does it really mean to live by our choices and are our choices limited to the hands we are dealt (fate, destiny, bad genes, etc.)?

EldonTaylor_photo2013The full title of Eldon Taylor’s new book is, Choices and Illusions, How Did I Get Where I Am, and How Do I Get Where I Want to Be. The question the book title proposes, as well as the question I posed above is answered quite nicely in this books insightful examination of how we develop some of our questionable belief systems. And luckily the book also provides us with powerful tools we can use to challenge these questionable and oftentimes limiting beliefs.

One of the reasons I enjoy Eldon Taylor’s books is that I can feel his passion about helping people to initiate powerful change in their lives. I also strongly intuit from his writing that Taylor and I share another fundamental belief that one of the main reasons people get stuck or stalled in overcoming life’s challenges is the pervasive and persistent negative mental and emotional conditioning we are exposed to. This conditioning that I speak of unconsciously develops into a fog or illusion of struggle, lack, dissatisfaction, unworthiness, conflict and stress. But the really sneaky part of this conditioning is the silent intrusions it makes in our day to day choices because we act from our conditioned “stories” instead of from our authentic selves.

Until you experience the freedom of becoming aware about your conditioned past and realizing how a certain belief has created certain conditions in your life, you will likely resist the idea that your unconscious beliefs drive your behaviors and actions. This is the dilemma.  The beliefs are unconscious (deeply and silently embedded), therefore we don’t see how they impact us. These old and sometimes blatantly false beliefs don’t stand up in our conscious mind before we do or say something and declare, “OK– since you were the youngest sibling and never got the attention, you will now and forever act and behave in loud, abrasive and forceful ways to insure that if you can’t be a favorite in people’s minds at least you are going to be noticed!” Our conscious mind simply plays off the themes of our subconscious conditioned story (I must make a lot of noise to get noticed), and we act from there without even knowing where our action came from.

Without a deep personal honesty and doing the work to peel back the layers of conditioning, the most common response to dissatisfaction with our life is to look around, outside us, to see what the hell we need to change to make things better.  Very often it never even occurs to us to i am what i choose to bestop and take a deep look at where or why we have certain behaviors and beliefs. It is a much easier strategy to “do something” about our lives by externalizing the causes for our actions.

So, this is a very tough predicament within the human condition. I believe it is why many people give up on personal change and self-help after a while when it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because we are addressing the WRONG problem. The question is not, “How do I fix this problem”, it’s “How did I begin to believe in this problem?” If a self-help book tells you to repeat a positive affirmation every day for 21 days to make a change, you excitedly say it every day for 21 days and then when nothing changes, you give up, lose hope, or get frustrated. Of course the reason there is no change is because you don’t really believe (in your subconscious mind) that the affirmation is true or could possibly ever be true. There has to be an authentic belief that at least your affirmation or change is possible for it to be an effective tool for change. You may very much want to believe in the affirmation, but deep down there is some limiting belief that simply won’t allow the desired change to gain any stickiness.

The tool Taylor most generally recommends for addressing the dilemma of the silent antagonist (the subconscious mind), is subliminal affirmations. This is an interesting and effective solution for piercing through the resistance the subconscious mind has towards powerful positive changes. Because the affirmation is subliminally introduced (which reaches into the subconscious mind), then repeated use of the subliminal messages actually begin to shift the embedded beliefs. There are, of course, many effective tools for closing the gaps of unconscious limiting behavior and tapping into the unlimited higher consciousness that we all have. For instance, one of my personal favorites is meditation. But subliminal affirmations are quite an elegant and effortless way to initiate powerful positive changes as well! I mean seriously, just plunk in the CD or download it to your computer and simply listen as you go about your day! What a tool – effective and effortless!

I highly recommend Choices and Illusions for those that are ready to wake up their inner awesomeness. Taylor clearly illustrates the illusive nature of our subconscious minds and shares many great examples of how to spot this in our own thought processes. I predict there will several ah-ha moments as the book deep dives into various infiltrating sources and strategies that have major impacts on our subconscious mind. And later in the book, Taylor shares some inspirational testimonials on how some of Taylor’s subliminal tools have worked, including one from an MD that not only uses many of Taylor’s subliminal CD’s himself, but has incorporated them into his medical practice as well.

I’ve included a video book trailer below so you can get a good first look at this book. Eldon Taylor books present a powerful perspective on overcoming limits to achieve our highest human potential. Give yourself a treat and check it out!




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