“This too shall pass” – Comforting Universal Wisdom

By | March 25, 2013

suffering 3In the midst of turmoil in our lives, we are either given or giving this advice (This too shall pass) to help calm a troubled mind. In that moment, as we hear this message, it doesn’t seem possible. It hurts too much or the anger still seems too raw. But taking a pause in the disorder of our life to reflect on this wisdom saying can make a tremendous difference in how we continue to feel, and how we continue to respond to whatever is causing us pain or anger.

Let’s consider this saying deeply and see how we can apply it in our life to have immediate effects, especially when we need it most.

so lonely and sadWhen we are experiencing acute mental suffering; it not because something happened to us, but it is because of our thoughts about what happened to us. Our mind conjures up all sorts of fears and anxieties from our past or dreads for the future because of the condition we find our self in. The pain we feel is an assumption that because of what just happened to us, that our life is now changed in a way that we don’t wish for, and yet we can’t know this for sure. The bad feeling and the continued focus on the bad feeling keeps the suffering alive. Just having the knowledge that we are getting upset because of thoughts instead of something or someone is very powerful, even if at that moment, we cannot see a way to let it go. At least it allows us to know – This too shall pass.

This too shall pass 1Even when we choose to hang on to the negative thoughts and feelings about an upsetting incident, eventually, they smolder out. This too shall pass. This saying is true in EVERY single case. We can bury that anger, grief, hurt and so on for many, many years – but we can’t keep the emotion going forever, eventually it will pass on until we either we let it go or we call it back to us. This is the cycle of life and this old wisdom saying cannot be anything but truth – for every moment, good or bad will pass. It’s what we do next that really causes the suffering, and even that will also pass either given enough time or if we take an action to help it out the door.

A moment is just a moment – in reality no matter what we think about or feel, we are still as we were the moment before. The only thing different is how we feel about the past moment. Each moment passes on in a linear world, so knowing that a moment will pass is a ridiculously obvious point. But from a human standpoint, a moment of grief, rage, or intense hurt, can linger on for a very long time if we keep our thoughts holding on to it. But, we also have the choice to help the moment pass on to allow us to embrace a new moment by accepting the moment as it is, not struggling with it and allowing it to simply move on. This moment WILL pass, the choice is do we hang onto it, or do we agree to accept that it was what it was, let it go and pass on by.

let go 6Why wait? It takes just as much energy to hang on to our suffering as it does to let it go, so why not drop the thoughts about the past moment and see if we can gain a different perspective by not allowing the past feelings and pain to direct our next steps. Responding from a past hurtful moment is not REAL – because that moment is gone and we are reacting to something that is already in the past. What happened IS – focusing on it over and over will not make it change – we can only agree to let it pass by, which allows us to see more clearly our options for responding.

Take comfort – This too shall pass – Either by default or by your own choosing the moment will pass and life will go on. Try not to attach yourself TO the moment and allow it to linger around reminding you over and over of the hurt you just suffered. That is done now, it is passed. You may not be ready to allow yourself total freedom from the upset, but if you can allow the moment to pass by, then you can embrace a new moment. Make it one of peace, compassion, and love.

now you are free


Angela Goodeve on March 28, 2013 at 4:42 pm.

It is funny, I was just talking to a Fellow Coach about this today…the importance of remembering that we never know what will be around the corner, sometimes it is good, and sometimes it is put in our for reasons that if we look at closely are meant to be to bring us closer to where we are meant to be!…and it too shall pass :)


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