You are not broken!

By | May 9, 2013

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When you are told something enough times, you start to believe it


“You were born a sinner”, “Life is about making something of yourself”, “Life’s a bitch, and then you die”, “Once a screw up always a screw up”.  What hogwash! These diminishing life idioms made up by people that have lost their way in the maze of social, cultural, and religious conditioning are downright laughable to the immutable human spirit.  But the damage has been done, in that by promoting self-defeating and belittling memes in society and culture, perceptions about life and our infinite being are questionedcreating fear and doubt.

“We know life is futile. A man who considers that his life is of very wonderful importance is awfully close to a padded cell.”
– Clarence Darrow


FlawedThe notion that your life is not meaningful and that you are not important in the overall scheme of things is a throwback from the serfdom and slavery cultures that go back thousands of years.  It is difficult to convince people to conform to a feudal, class, or hierarchical system without pointing out their unworthiness to others. Our entire history is mired in one civilization after another succeeding in cultivating an attitude of shame and unworthiness on the masses in order to control and persuade.

Even analysis of biblical events can show us the pattern of this cyclical conditioning unfolding.  It begins with one group of people oppressing another and then someone or some group manages to break the cycle, only to have that same group end up being later the oppressors.  Jesus’ popularity came during one of those times in history and because his teachings were taught to the common man, as opposed to the privileged hierarchy of the church, he was followed and adored by the masses. Jesus was offering a new perspective on man, and his views were promoting ideals of hope, strength, and power for all, which is not a mentality that serves an oppressed society.

jesus with childJesus died because he was a fearless spiritual rebel that threatened a meticulously created oppressed society with his message, not because he had someone else’s sins to pay for. That message, (that we are all sinners that Jesus needed to sacrifice himself for), is just another continuation of the oppression where the church takes one line from scriptures of hope and personal salvation to grossly misinterpret to lead the masses back to collective guilt and shame. Because if you don’t bow down to Jesus sacrifice (the church), there will be hell to pay. Literally. What a sad and “obvious” turn of events from the otherwise sacred offerings given by this divinely enlightened teacher.

Freedom from SurrenderFixed and didn’t even know I was broken


What if you woke up one day, and maybe because you have amnesia or for some other reason (ummm, like awakening or enlightenment), and you just were. You had no pre-conceived notions of how you should be and no historical reference to your past or the past in general. You just woke up and looked around and said something to yourself like, “Wow! This all looks pretty interesting. I feel great! I wonder what is in store for me today!” What if you had no notion of how you are supposed to look, or act? When you went to look at yourself in the mirror, you would simply say “Well – Hello there”, instead of the scathing self-critique of how inadequate you are. What if you didn’t know things like fear, doubt, lack, neediness, and judgment? What if we simply appreciated everything that came to us?

Without our years of conditioned learning, who would we be? Us, of course! It is not what we learn or absorb or listen to that makes us who we are, it’s the fact that we ARE is what makes us who we are. We are all the same, and yet thank goodness, we are all uniquely special. NO ONE is better than another. The idea of better, smarter, cuter, holier, gifted, etc., etc., are all just subjective perspectives and they are ALL made up. We do not start out by being broken and then spend our lives looking for ways to fix ourselves. This only serves the social norms that insist that being broken is the fairest way to look at each other. We are all broken, so let’s all work on fixing each other with our ideals and ideologies that make us either feel better by pointing out the deficiencies in others, or maybe we could hope that someday, perhaps in an afterlife, we will finally be better. Again, hogwash.

pure loveLooking to level the playing field by taking something from another someone or some group will never level the playing field. There is simply one way to do this and that is through love. Love of self and subsequently unconditional love of others. Love is the only fair, unbiased, and unassuming quality. To get to love you may have to experience deep forgiveness, non-judgment, acceptance, and extreme appreciation/gratitude, but Love is simply the answer to every human problem that there is.

Look around. Experience the wonder and magnificence of what you are seeing right now! The mind, body & soul are to be marveled at! There is nothing we cannot do if we set our intentions towards it. What magic awaits in each moment that is cherished and in each moment that is viewed from a perspective of love, freedom, acceptance, and peace? Let the sheeple figure out their own way and send them blessings and Godspeed. Their path is not your concern, is it? Stop feeding the beast by buying in to the idea that you are broken. You are whole now, always have been and always will be. The only inadequacy you have, are those you impose on yourself.

the lesson is loveToday, I am asking you to give yourself permission to NOT believe everything you have been taught or everything that has been driven into your mind through media, education, culture, society, religion and so on. Be that person that “woke up” and saw through the layers on droning propaganda that enforce the ideas of limitation, lack, inferiority, prejudice, and disparity. Today, I am encouraging you to consider everything you think you know and question the origin of that belief. Does it make you feel good? Does it put you above others? Does it feel right? Does it serve you or others?

The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance — it is the illusion of knowledge.   - Daniel Boorstin


Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth. 
- John F. Kennedy


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