Your Life Begins Today

By | October 23, 2012

Life Begins TodayEveryone has something in their life that they have put off for another day. Many even have so many wishes and dreams  that they want to pursue, but never do, that the burdens of our dreams weigh more on us than the burdens of our current conditions. Our procrastination towards change for our own good becomes a set up for guilt, frustration, and discouragement.

The days begin to accumulate and the next thing we know, we are out of school, or our kids have grown, we have lost someone, or we have moved on to a new relationship, house, or job – and all without doing the many things we promised ourselves we would do to lead a life that aligns more to our spirit and soul. Please do not let this life pass you by. Live from a deeper purpose and squeeze the juice out of what is being offered to you every single day.

Move forward

It is typical for people to get consumed with the minutia of their lives and thereby fall into a mental slumber about the changes we wish to pursue in our lives. If we allow it, there will always be something in our lives to distract us from doing the things we dream of doing. Others may claim that the reason they do not pursue their dreams is because they do not have the current resources to do so. As time goes on, our dreams, wishes and desires slowly get put on the back shelf of the mind and even when we do find the time and effort to move on with them, we digress into some other activity. The excuses are many, but perhaps it’s time to begin. Right now.

The next day will hold very little different than the day before if we do not make a specific intention and directed action towards change. Pursuing a life with purpose and meaning is not only a good spiritual fundamental, but it is also just good life common sense. Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is when we do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. If we do not do something to change our lives, no one, or nothing else will. In fact, by not doing anything, we are unconsciously choosing to allow the chaos and uncertainty of each hour to continue to consume us. Lives in this state of unconscious slumber, which focus on the anxiety and stress of the clutter in our minds, flitter away. This is not living; this is existing, surviving.

live by designThe good news is that making change is much easier than we believe it is. Yes, it does take a bit of effort, but once you get your intention set and begin by taking that very first step to realizing your dreams, the wind is at your back and you begin to feel yourself being propelled forward. Challenges will come. But when you begin with intention and a commitment to yourself, because you deserve the very best, then I know you will succeed.

Here are some tips and ideas to begin a new life journey. Do not wait another moment. If you are reading this article, you are ready. Isn’t it time? – You’re new life begins right now.

  • Rule #1 – Change, dreams, intentions must be about you. Creating intentions that have a dependency on someone else is not likely to work. Your change may ultimately benefit others, and that is awesome, but the change itself must be only about your inner desire to change for yourself.
  • Set a firm intention towards your goal. This change or dream must be something that really speaks to you and moves you from your soul. It is time to live from your heart and let go of what your busy mind says. Taking time and energy away from things that are “busywork” or “relaxing”, is not a sacrifice, but a gift. Give yourself this gift and make the time and effort towards a life you want to live. It is never selfish to take the time and energy you need to build a life you desire from the soul outward, so please do not let anyone tell you otherwise.
  • Take a step every day. If possible, make giant strides towards your intention every day – but if you are not able and you still resist with time, resources, or energy, take ANY step. Start with 5 minutes, then move to 10 and so on. Or read one page one day, two the next. Whatever it is you want to achieve, whether it is gaining knowledge and developing skills, or taking time for building or constructing, (even if the building and constructing is building and constructing a new you), take one action towards these things every day.
  • Rely only on the faith, wonder and certainty of a Universal Principle that created a universe to thrive, multiply in abundance, and give back via reflection. You are a part of this, so you are never alone as you go forward with your life intentions.
  • Stay focused. Life, will challenge you, and provide you with many opportunities to turn back, give up, and doubt yourself. Find some type of mechanism or spiritual tool, like a special prayer, a symbol, affirmations, or practice (i.e. yoga, meditation, nature), that snaps you back into the reality of Universal Flow.
  • Do not resist – As challenges come up, do not fight them, but rather, simply listen to what they are saying and allow them to pass through. Challenges and set-backs, when looked at through a different lens can be highly instructional and helpful. They may hurt or they may be trying to persuade us to give up, but stop, become aware of the ruse, and re-center yourself to your intention. Contemplate and identify what part of you was most compromised by the challenge and look for a way to break down that barrier.
  • Resources are never a barrier – You have already been gifted with the most amazing resource you will ever need, and that is you. Set your intention, begin your journey and the resources you need will come. There is always something you can do right now to go forward.
  • Don’t grade yourself – If you stray off your path or submit to the hurtful or stressful lure of a set-back, do not fret one single bit. There is a Universal Law that states that all forward progress can never be removed. And, one of the most amazing gifts we have been given is the gift of each moment being new. It may seem like you are set-back, but the work you have done towards your intention is still there, waiting to be picked up where you left off. Begin again. And if you slip again, begin again. This isn’t a race and your commitment and intention will set the pace that works for you, which may change from time to time.
  • Work backwards – We started this process by setting an intention towards a life by design, but after the intention is set, release the end results of the intention to Universal Love and Flow. Making significant change from your deep inner divine core cannot be pushed, manipulated, controlled or forced. Know the end is true and just continue to keep walking towards it every moment. It’s like programming your GPS. Set the address of where you want to go, and begin. Roadblocks or traffic may challenge your progress, but drive around, through or over them and keep on moving towards your destination. Take time occasionally to connect with both your vision of your life design, and your Source. Do not give up.

I highly recommend that you continue your planning and your determination to succeed in your journey by reading both my book, Finding Home – Breaking Free from Limits, and Dr. Wayne Dyers book, Excuses Be Gone, How to Change Lifelong, Self-Defeating Thinking Habits. Both of these books take a comprehensive, but unique look at why we construct the reasons, excuses, and mindsets that keep us trapped in a life that is only mildly satisfying or perhaps even painful. There is a way to see through the fog and smoke of limitation and restriction and once you can open up, even a pinhole to see through, the picture begins to get clearer and the pathway much wider. Your Life Begins Today. Blessings – Joleen





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