Your Role in Infinity – Thank you for your participation!

By | January 16, 2013

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is – infinite.”
William Blake

CreationLaura Sotka 2008

When we think about ourselves, it is not often that we associate the “me” that we are thinking about with “infinity”. But both ancient and modern spiritual masters and seers took the time to consider this infinite idea and if you would as well, perhaps you would see a side of you that may change your view of yourself, forever.

It is easy for us to consider a couple of the concepts we daily work with as infinite, like time or numbers, but we do not consider ourselves as infinite because there is a part of us that we know is not infinite, which is of course our body. Time, numbers and “us” do have something in common though, and that is that we are all a product of an idea. Ideas are the infinite substance of Universal Source, which from a single idea created everything that is. Nothing physical, mental or metaphysical can be created or manifested except it come through idea. Man – is God’s perfect idea.

heavenWhen you look up in the sky at night and feel overwhelmed by the immensity of what you see, consider for a moment the fact that you are included within that immensity. Like a drop of water in the ocean, you are an individual thread in the Universal tapestry. The skyline viewed from an infinite viewpoint changes our perspective from feeling very small in a big universe to feeling very included and participatory. Suddenly, we might feel as if we are looking in the mirror and feel very close and relational to the universal picture we are presently viewing.

The existence of man, including the soul, is an integral part of what we consider infinity. This is easy for me to consider when I allow the “image” of myself, with all the labels, judgments, and opinions of me slip away, and for a moment just “be.” But even if you do not believe in an Infinite God that created the seen and unseen Universe from an infinite idea, you at least must agree that you were created as a manifestation of an idea. Perhaps one that came from your parents, or perhaps because your parents shared in God’s ideas, but either way – you are idea and therefore a participant in the infinite universe.

you are the worldThe idea of you can never be “not there” – even if you are not in this particular world to express it. If you are believer in the soul, this infinite idea of you transcends this earthly boundary into some other dimension of expression. If you do not believe in the soul, surely you cannot deny that your idea is still forever.

You simply cannot run out of ideas……….Your brain may feel like it has, but if you push through “that” thought, you will continue with more ideas. Why? Because you; being infinite, have access to the infinite pool of ideas – just like everyone else. Ideas are the substance of the seen and unseen Universe of Infinity. It is through our choices of these unique ideas that we choose our personal paths, our identities and our world views. And, it is through idea that we connect, first with one another, and extending on to infinity. And, it is through idea that we manifest form, either with our bodies, or other types of material manifestations. And, it is through idea that we have infinite opportunities to change, grow, and expand.

Whether you choose to intentionally participate in the infinity of the Universal and Divine soup, co-mingling, cooperating, and communicating with the matrix of all, you are nevertheless participating. But – when you recognize that you are, then you have access to an entirely different level of living. Think you’re small in a big universe? Think againyou are what makes the Universe look big. Thanks for helping out.


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